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Wake Up and Smell the Blogosphere


Writing gives me a reason to wake up every morning. Don’t get me wrong.  I always had a reason to get up – kids, work, errands – just not right away.  A warm waterbed on a cold winter morning has a certain lure that is a daunting match for less interesting pursuits.

Since I’ve been writing, I wake up in the morning and wonder….What am I going to write about or read about today? Who will cross my path today with a comment on my blog or theirs?  Will an interaction change the course of my writing, or more dramatically, my life?  Do you get that I wonder a lot?

Some days, I don’t have anything in particular to say or anything worth sharing.  It’s no problem.  Someone always has something to say, so I read.  Just this week I found a blog of fellow Delawarean Rachel Simon.  Her most recent post is about her pre-release book tour of her new book The Story of a Beautiful Girl.  I’m inspired by her ability to make meaning out of her work.

Another person I ran across this week was virtualDavis.  A powerhouse in the twitterverse and and blogosphere, he writes about writing and other  interesting stuff.  I’m glad I had the chance to stumble upon them this week.

Now back to my own writing – a personal essay, an early reader, and a picture book that I might just scrap and start all over.  Fortunately, there is always a New Blank Page and a New Post button.  I wonder what I’m going to write about tomorrow……

What do you wonder about? What makes you get up every morning?  Although, I must confess that I am still warm and cozy in my waterbed.


SCBWI Writers Conference


There’s lots of action at the SCBWI Writers Conference going on now in New York City.  If you didn’t get there this year, you can still glean all of the great information from the speakers with up to the minute blogs and tweets.

The SCBWI Conference Blog – There are a team of bloggers to report on the workshops and speakers throughout the conference.

To follow the conference on Twitter, use #ny11scbwi.

Look Who’s Tweeting at the Writer’s Digest Conference


Sadly, I couldn’t make it to the Writer’s Digest Conference this weekend.  Here are some folks that did and are tweeting about it.







If you want to join the conversation, hook into #wdc11.

There is also great live blog from the conference. There are notes on several of the sessions and great insight from the speakers.  It is definitely worth the time to read.