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More Than One Way to Tell a Story (Part II)


In More Than One Way to Tell a Story (Part I), my son was inspired to write a song and make a music video by watching other YouTubers do it.  This time, inspiration came from money.  The lure of the Sirens called to set him on another path to musical storytelling.  His charge was to create an original video with the letters SVH prominently displayed in the video.  He and a friend used it in the title, Sexy Vampire Hunter.


More than One Way to Tell a Story (Part One)


I spend many of my days writing stories.  Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard I’m getting words on paper or virtual paper.  But, there is more than one way to tell a story.

My sixteen year old is a musician.  Influenced by Mystery Guitar Man and other YouTubers, he composed a song on Garage Band, picked up a video camera and cranked out a music video.  Woven through the music is a story, simple as it may be.

My question then is whether the story is more important or the medium in which you tell it?