Comments, Please


I recently read a post from a blogger who lamented the lack of readers to his blog.  We’ve all been there.  As much as we want to write for the love of writing, or even the practice of writing, we would love if people read it.

Nathan Bransford, literary agent turned author, spoke at a children’s writing conference about establishing an online platform.  Among those tidbits of advice were to leave 5 nice comments a day on other blogger’s posts.  This is advice I try to follow. Blogs work because we share our ideas with each other, not just through our own blogs, but through our comments to theirs.

For those of us who blog, we don’t do so in a vacuum.  It’s a dance.  You can dance alone, but it’s not nearly as much fun.  If, like an awkward 7th grader, we stand on the side of the gym waiting for someone to ask to read our blog, we might be in for a long night, or week, or bloglife.  Have the courage to walk across the gym and extend a nice thought and we can all dance together.

Blog Comments

Go to Freshly Pressed or Tags or Tag Surfer and find someone who is writing about something that you write about.  Or, find someone who writes about something you never thought about.  If a post made you laugh, cry, think, or eat chocolate, let the blogger know.

So, go ahead.  Leave a comment.  You might just find that I’ll go to your blog and leave a nice comment, too.


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  1. Hey, I’ll try it again. But I’ve found my comments on to comments receive ratio has always been about 6 to 1 …comments on. I think number of comments contingent on subject matter.

    When I post poetry, the ratio is lower, but politics–you may as well have comments off. And if you write a post in depth, at length, you need to have a toggle to allow a visitor to just hit (TLTR).

    Irrespective of all those sad sack stats, your post conviced me to give “five” a try.

    Thanks again.

  2. Amen to that!!
    And you were the first to comment on any of my blogs – I shall forever remember you! 😉
    Off to have a little peek at your other posts now – further comments to follow 🙂 B x

  3. Great post! I found your blog through Life More Lived, so it is interesting to see what blogs other bloggers like to read as well. I hadn’t heard of Tag Surfer or the others. Thanks for the recommendations. I also recommend that you give blog posts that you a stumble on StumbleUpon as well, in addition to commenting.

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